Monday, 30 April 2012


Music is a big BIG part of my life.

There is always a radio/iPod/CD playing somewhere in my home.
I play a cpl of instruments but I focus on one.
People who know me well enough know that I always have a song playing around in my head and if that's not happening my hands and feet are tapping to a beat of some sort.
I constantly get caught out singing either to myself while serving tea or in the middle of the supermarket.
Music is there for me when I am having a down day a great day or just a regular day.

Especially in the car.

My music of choice varies depending on my mood or what I'm doing but there is always at least one Jack Johnson CD in the stacker in the car.

Our son has the same love for music.
He is always singing a tune he has heard from the radio or from a favourite CD of his. We are often entertained during dinner or while driving in the car. He also carries around his toy guitar with him for most of the day and it has started coming to music group with us on Mondays.

He is not a Wiggle loving, Hi five liking kinda boy. He loves Jay Laga'aia and will stop in his tracks to watch or listen to him.
He also LOVES Jack Johnson. {a boy after my own heart}
I couldn't be happier.

What is your go to thing of choice when your having a down day?
Craft? Music? Singing? Exercise?

Would love to hear from you! 


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