Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I set myself a little PL challenge

I bought on of these
Its a Mini Kit #1 from Polka Dot Creative
I was really excited to get one,
SO I set myself a challenge. 
I was to use every piece of the kit in a full weeks layout.
Besides lots of washi tape and a filler card from my core kit I used EVERYTHING from the kit. Which is great because that's the idea of the kit right?

So here it is my week with the PDC MK#1
 I hope I did you justice Jodie

No inserts this week.
Left Side

Some close ups because I am too impatient to wait for tomorrow to take photos in the proper light.
The date card

I wanted to make the most out of the paper so I cut it in half and used it here and a few other places

I love the look of the taxi 'ribbon' on the washi
Right side
I found this quote on pinterst and ran it though some of my apps on my phone and added some hearts and I love the way it came out. The cluster is made from the elements from the kit.
Love the effect that the 4x4 photo has on the whole layout

I cut out some more paper from one of the 6x4's and traced around it and I didn't love it but I mated a photo and added some journaling and I love this little card now
Coloured in some of the cameras, just for something different

Some more Washi love and I love the effect of the text bubble from my iPhone.
Okay so that was my week and I'm sorry it was really photo heavy but I love it and I wanted to share.
Thanks for sticking with me and if you have any questions please PLEASE ask them below.
Would love to hear your thoughts about... anything really!


  1. Love it!! All of it! Very creative :)

    1. thanks chick I appreciate the feed back x

  2. LOVE IT TARA !!! you have done an awesome job with it - looks just fantastic :)). Oh and I love your boy's name Ronan :)

    1. Thanks Beth! I loved the whole process, it REALLY made me think and plan a bit which is what I love. And thanks we love his name too! ;0)


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