Monday, 9 July 2012

I got mail...

Mail doesn't come around often in these parts and when it does its one of those really annoying clear window pane ones, which before you even open it you know its going to ask you for an obscene amount of money. 

Even though you are certain that you have been really good by turning off things at switches and not leaving lights on it still flaws you with the dollar amount in that really sucky square on the side. 

THEN on further inspection you find that they were kind enough to add a pamphlet which in forms you of their latest price rise... buggers.


The other day I did that dreaded walk to the mail box and found amongst those yucky envelopes TWO beautiful yellow envelopes one from the US of A and the other... well the other, I was very pleased to see because I knew it was from the lovely Jodie from Polka Dot Creative and it was her very first Mini Kit aptly named Mini Kit #1 they are unfortunately out of stock {sold like little hot cakes} but I can confirm that there are more coming in... this week hopefully.

I am so pleased with the Mini Kit that I wanted to share it with you all...

After shooing my little one way CONVINCING him that the mail was not a present for him, he saw this...
with its smiley face goodness and decided that he best stay "just in case Mumma"...
in case of what? I don't know!
Only good can come from opening this

Full of Amy Tangerine GOODNESS! Can you believe that its my first piece of AMY!
And of course the other lovely products which are all described here.

Totally in LOVE with everything in this kit.
.. now to actually put it to use and not just stare and play with it everyday.

I am so pleased with this and I can not wait for Mini Kit #2

Thanks Jodie for creating such yummyness x

I was in no way paid for this blog post, I did it because I love the product and the service from Polka Dot Creative. I bought the kit with my husbands hard earned dollars and I am very thankful for that and him.

Questions??? Ask away...


  1. Oooh, I take great delight in seeing other people's goodies they buy, loving the camera paper especially. Thanks for sharing, I felt the excitement of your boy, loved opening the mail with you :D

    1. Thanks for the love Stacey-Lee. Yes it was seriously like Christmas for the two of us we played with all the bits and bobs for ages. Him falling improve with the "tiny birds" and myself falling in love with it all. Lol.
      I also LOVE the camera paper. Have so many ideas... Where to start


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