Sunday, 29 July 2012

Make that two.

So, I was promised a date night for my birthday by my very Dear friend.

A night involving dinner, movies and cocktails.

When she arrived to pick me up {that's right it was a proper date with picking up involved} I wasn't even dressed to go, I was still in my trackies covered in flour from making biccies with the Master R.
After dressing and putting my big girl shoes on.
Heels people HEELS! 

We headed towards our local cinema complex where we headed to get something to eat. And because we attempted to walk in the wrong door the people behind us that tried to do the same thing got to the right door first and inevitably got the last table for two. sigh.

But dont be dismayed my lovelies we went next door to Hogs Breathe Cafe and we were glad we did. We were asked to go to the bar and wait while our table was ready for us. 
So we thought we would get a drink. Now the last time I actually had to order a drink from the bar was when Midorris and Malibu's were the rage {Uni town remember} 

Dear friend was going through the cocktail list and I'm not into the overload of flavours of a cocktail.
I'm a bourbon girl at heart but I seriously just did not want one and in the end I asked for a Vodka and when asked what I wanted as my mixer I was like a dear in the head lights and said ummmm Coke.
My dear friend also ordered a vodka and asked for it to be mixed with lime and lemonade {like lemon lime and bitters but a hold on the bitters}.

I immediately said make that two.


I had two, I know right that was BIG of me...
I dont get out much and I dont drink at home often. 

You know on docs forms and they ask you how often you drink. I'm the one that circles the 2-3 every six months. .yep.

After eating BIG! We sat and talked about things that weren't colours or shapes or trains and cars.
We talked about Girly Grown up things like 50 Shades, Channing Tatum, Music, Boobs, Life, Vaginas, the Beach, Tassels.

You know grown up stuff.

Then we headed to the movies.
Watched Channing dance and went home.

It was a great night.
but the best part was the laughing. I have not genuinely laughed so much in as long as I can remember.
We laughed so much there were tears.
We laughed so so much that my sides hurt today as I write this.
Thank you dear friend for the night out!
It was really fantastic.
I love you.

Not sponsored by any one but myself... well My dear friend actually :0)

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