Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Yet another not so ordinary trip to the park

Yesterday I thought I would change up the routine a bit and for those who know my son and I well enough they KNOW this doesn't happen very often.

So after swimming we hit up the park it was the best!
It really was, Master R LOVED it, running around like a loon &
 It was on this that he tried to join in with some other children {a group of girls} and play with them and a little girl turn looked straight in his face and told him to "just piss off" she would have not been much older then Master R flaunting a local dance studios uniform.
I was flawed, thought we had, had our fair share of dodgy park shenanigans.

Anyway after we had a little discussion about what the little girl had said and how he felt about it he decided to move on and continue on running around by himself. Poor kid, I felt a bit sorry for him but we had fun..

 Selling ice cream
more climbing
and being super cute

It really was a great day. I hope that these are the things that he remembers as he gets a bit older and not the things that people say to him. 

Do you like to mix up your routines?
Have you had to deal with dodgy park shenanigans?
How do you handle it?
Does your local park off massively amazing trees for you loved ones to climb?
Do you let them climb?
Tell me everything I should know for future park play dates!


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