Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Easter Crafts


Its a cold and shivery day here but am I not surprised it was hot yesterday so its to be expected with Melbourne weather.

We have been doing some Easter crafts in between the other regular crafts that we do.
We've had a good time doing them, bopping to music and having a laugh. Seriously who cant laugh when the person doing the crafts is being a digger... I said DIGGER! obsessed much.
Below are some of the things that we have done.

Egg chain...
Easter eggs on a chain... LOVE. Ill have to upload a pic later as its in bubs room and hes sleeping right now
 I got this printable download for the eggs from here.

This I drew myself! LOVE it and the way it came out.
 We have used the bunny a couple of times so far, one here...

Fluffy bunny...
 Easter chicks...
The paints are usually a lot brighter and I wasn't feeling it so we added some white to the paint to lighten them and I love the way they look now
I got the above printable from here 

And here is the bunny from above in use again...

Colourful Bunny...
crepe paper cut up thinly and the 'digger' went to work

So where do we put all these amazing creations you ask well...
They are here...

As I have mentioned before we have an itty bitty house and we make things work for us. This area is literally as you walk in the door. Which I love because we see all of this Easter goodness right as you walk in. The desk is an old coffee table with wicker baskets in the bottom of it and it fits in this area perfectly and has been his drawing table for as long as he could stand and draw. 

I'm big on having a space for children to have a place to express themselves when ever he has the need and I find he uses this space several times a day. 
This morning I found him cutting paper and putting it into the money box as 'money' and yes I said cutting {with real scissors} he was taught at a young age how to use them safely and we are super proud of him. This week we are promoting independence and thats were it led him this morning.

We also made this...
I drew the egg. It wasn't hard really its an egg shape.
It goes here...
This is also in our entry and opposite the drawing table from above.
There is the egg beside the fish tank and a jar full of 'egg' just for an extra special touch.

I love the way our little bit of decorating has changed the entry to our home. I have some more things planned.
Do you decorate for Easter? If so how?
Any questions about the above crafts or the links please ask below.
Thanks for stopping by
Tara x

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