Friday, 30 March 2012

Lighter then I thought...

Okay this week has been a big week for me. 
The weeks gone fast
Master R as challenging
He was also unwell
I set myself a challenge
People have been supportive
I have learnt more about myself in the last week then I thought I would have.
I had moments of self doubt
I got messages of love...

Honey I’m crying right now! It is absolutely heartbreaking what you are going through my darling, and what you will continue to go through.
You are incredibly strong, you inspire me to always be stronger. You are like a rock to everyone around you, and I think it’s time people around you lent you some of their strength. You will probably need it.
I want to be here for you, for anything and everything you need. I have your back, I’m in your corner and I will not let you throw in the towel! I am certain there are many around you who will do the same. You are so very loved Tara, don’t ever doubt that.
I want to give you a big hug right now! Ok, when are you free so we can have a good chat about this? I’m free tonight....
Love ya guts gorgeous girl XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Just what I needed. HONESTLY.
Then it felt like I had a bit of 'buyers remorse' you know the whole... OMG what have I done! why did I just do that! GAH.
I spoke to the gym, I booked an appointment with the food coach 
I went to said appointment. 
I was given lots LOTS of information. 
This information was then explained. 
Sometimes I'm a bit dense especially when I'm anxious.
THEN it was the time for the weigh in and measure... dum dum duuuuuum...


Turns out. Not only am I lighter then I thought. I was a whole 5 FIVE kilos lighter then when I was weighed in for my surgery I had on the second of December last year! 
I was CERTAIN that I had put on a bazillion kilos since Christmas. 

So I walked away happy with that {I think}... mulling over the information I had just been given.
Thank fully there was a friend home who was up for a chat, to share overwhelming information with, while the kids played. 
ALSO just what I needed. 

THANK YOU for your support so far my loves.

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