Monday, 12 March 2012

A brief{ish} look at MY Project Life and how it started

Who am I kidding... I don't know the meaning of brief... I will TRY to make it quick would love if you stick with me to the end.

Okay, I first came across Project Life {PL} through reading some blogs. Im only new to reading blogs. Basically I started reading them because I needed the entertainment and something for me to do when hubby was working late and bubs was in bed. Now I'm kinda addicted to them and I have my faves which I love to catch up on when ever I can. 
Anyways I digress...

I ordered my first lot of PL products in hope of completing my sons album he is 2years  wait 2years and 9months {oh my he's almost THREE} sigh...

I LOVE scrap booking with a capital L. Even at Tafe when I had first moved out of home {across state I might add} I was wanting to document some of my BAZILLION pics that I was taking so that's how it all begun. 

The same goes when my son was born. but His first two weeks of life there are close to 500 pics, who can scrap that seriously?! 
there is only so many 'oh look at my baby laying there' layouts you can create. 
Then life got busy, the months between scrapping got further apart. I attempted to go to scrap nights at our 'local' scrap store about half a dozen times but I found when I got there I had no inspiration and I would just get cross with myself and felt as tho I was wasting time and money being there and not achieving anything.
So I didn't the thing I never thought I would do. I packed it up and put it all AWAY.

The guilt was ENORMOUS! which is weird for some ppl to understand I get that,
but this is MY outlet. 
The one thing that I have always had, I have scrapped picnics, nephews, birthdays, twenty firsts, my now husbands and I first car rebuild, trips to Europe, our dogs EVERYTHING! 
To not create layouts for my son was getting to me and yet it still just sat there.

So. As I was saying I started reading blogs because it was easier then pulling out 2&1/2 years of photos and ephemera and try and find a beginning.


I saw Project Life 

I knew that it was the help/answer/kick in the but I needed. I ordered straight away and am really happy with the progress I have made {on his album}.
Then I thought I love this so much I am going to set myself a challenge and do the PL 365! 
{ what have I done} lol its good fun and I am loving it every week and getting stuck into it capturing parts of our life. 

Recently I have been in a funk with it all. Although I am up to date I just wasn't getting the buzz that I was looking for in it. But I think I have found my 'thang' and Im back to LOVING it again.

I am just finishing off this weeks journalling and I will make another blog post with pictures next time I promise x have fun and be good

Tara x

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