Thursday, 8 March 2012

some nerve

To say the last cpl of months have been tough would be also wrong they have been REALLY HARD, various reasons really.

and then there was today

Today WAS going to be a good day a great day, I just decided it was going to be.
Master R asked to go to the park, this is a daily request Normally we just go to the one up the road but we had to go to the bank and while we were down there he asked again so we decided to go to the main one in our town which is on the foreshore {lovely really} anyways lunch time was coming up Master R was asking for a drink {that would literally be the first time I have left the house with out a bottle of water or two}...

Anyway as I was saying... we were wrapping up our time in the park and there was just my girlfriend, myself and our children an older cpl and there grandchildren and then out of the corner came this little girl and her mum... DID NOT THINK ANYTHING OF THEM, just another park goer enjoying the weather at the park.


I don't know how it happened, I have my suspicions, what I did see was that Master R was trying to get up to the fort and her daughter was trying to stop him by standing in the starfish stance. I did see Master R but up a bit of a fuss, but didnt think anything of it. One would think that the little girl would of been told to move to let him pass, the girls mother was there, I was about 10 metres away, I looked away because my GF son was doing something funny on the 'seesaw'.
I look back up to see the woman, 




and while she was bent over she had her finger in his face and was TELLING HIM OFF {wrong VERY WRONG} all I hear was something something JUST BEHAVE to him,{the nerve of her} in his face, hope she had fresh breath the germ,to MY boy,  the only one I have, the only one i may ever be able to have.

I walked from where I was and I got about half way, by then Master R was at my feet look a little stressed and all I could do was make sure that he was okay. By the time I had looked up from him she had already picked up her daughter and had practically bailed from the park. {by the time I was back to where my GF was standing to ask her if she had just seen what had happened this lady was already out of the vicinity of the park.}

I was 
disgusted at what had just gone down
disappointed in myself for not actually say HEY YOU get your greasy mitts off my boy

but that didn't happen, i was fuming, we left.

I was so cross with what went down I forgot to pick up lunch {Der}
lucky i had things at home for Master R, but while he was eating lunch he was talking to me about what happened, I hadn't broached the subject with him, I'd sooner rather he forgot it happened. He was telling me that he doesn't like the park cos of the yucky lady there.

What the lady had done was wrong VERY wrong. but she has messed with my sons happy place... the park... and quite frankly HOW DARE SHE!

Hopefully tomorrow he asks to go to the park again perhaps we will just stick with the local one...

Tara x


  1. I love how you wrote that, I felt like I was right there with you in the park and getting up the nerve to tell the 'yucky' lady to mind her own bees wax!

    How terribly awful for that to happen, I always thought it was an unwritten rule amongst mothers to never tell of another's child esp. one you didn't know and your little man was not even in the wrong!!


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