Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Project Life Overview

Okay, Hi my names Tara Im a Photo-a-holic.

Since I started this album {PL 365} I have taken 2931 photos and thats not including the ones that are on my phone at the mo. So this project has been a real learning curve of how to get my pics to REALLY say what I want them to say. I am finding that I am taking less pictures and more photos that mean more.

All of these photos bar a handful have been taken on my iPhone. {my beautiful camera pooped itself at our bi-annual mothers group family breakfast just before Chrissy}.
LUCKILY I had taken all the photos I had needed and was able to save most of them off my SD card. The camera was and is still under warranty and got shipped away for fixing I got an email the other day saying "they are still fixing it, we are waiting on parts" sigh

So excuse some of the quality of my photos, but who is saying they would of been any better if they were taken on an actual camera.
I am just going to touch over a cpl of weeks of my album, I am sharing these with the permission from my family and if at any stage they want me to stop sharing I will. After all its their life I am talking about.
Okay thats the formality's out of the way.


This is how my album looks right now...
Its full. I have another album on order... I think I may need a few this year. eeeep.

This is our cover page.

There are bios on each of us through the middle and family shots in the corners. I love the way its turned out actually {excuse the glare}

Okay this is the week just gone...week ummmm 12? I don't know I don't work that way let me know in the comments below if that's wrong.

Just a simple start to the week. Instagram pic added. Stickers from the kit added to journalling and the clip holding on the note next to my husby is a paper clip I picked up from Spotlight.

This is one of the inserts this week {took me a bit to get it looking right but i love the outcome}

There are some pics of friends so I wont show the whole other side. But I wanted to show my QR codes that Husby help me make to show the vids that I took from the show. LOVE I got the Inspiration from here its a long one but I am truly inspired by her and love her work.

I love mixing up my journalling with pics, textas stamps stickers chipboard

another insert, some easter art and the process

There were a total of 3 inserts this week and I cant show you them all in respect to friends. See the coloured paper in the back ground above. You will see that a fair bit that is a back of a 6x12 and I love the colour block through out the album I find it breaks it up a bit and makes it feel a bit 'fresh' lol.
The Easter insert is a 6x12 cut down and on the other side is some mail that my son received.

Okay. I think that'll do for todays post. 
Would love to hear what you think.
Any questions about anything above or anything else comment below.
Next post my craft space...
Thanks for stopping by 
Tara x


  1. Awesome blog there Tara - you have done so much in just the twelve weeks. The QR codes are a great little addition - amazing how they are done..Beth :)

  2. Awesome work Tara!!
    I just love what you have done with your album!

    don't worry my album is just as full, and I actually ordered a new one a couple of weeks ago!! I'm hoping to need no more than two albums (yeh, right!)

    Tamara (PLA)


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