Thursday, 15 March 2012

MY craft space

Hi again guys.

As promised here's a quick look at my craft space. As it is right now. Its not much but it works for me. 

I have a itty bitty house and all the rooms are purposed and we don't have a study or study type area. So this area is at one end of our lounge room.
We have to make things work for us basically if it doesn't
multi-purpose it is no good to us.

Okay so I use the top shelf of the toy cabinet which my Husby made {clever isn't he}
Excuse the toys, as I said I share my space.

Bit of a closer look. I keep most of my 'newer' papers at hand in some of the Becky Higgins boxes {LOVE} There is always an album on the printer. My sons art work in the frame leaning on the wall, some jars with ribbon and inks. The nappy box {wish I had something classier but its perfect for what I need} is full of packets of page protectors, ephemera and folders that have my sons ephemera in it by year.

As you can see I have plenty of space} to work in the middle {when the papers are not there}
And the whole are is perfect standing height so Im not always sitting which I LOVE.

Just another shot of the other side there is the comp desk {which my Husby also made} where I do my digi stuff and my little cabinet which can pull out and 'extend' the comp desk if I need it.
The top draw is for all my tools and necessity second is full of embellishments third is photos and forth fits TWO Becky Higgins Core Kits  The little pink folder tucked down the side is FULL of all sorts of 12x12 papers.

Well thanks again for stopping by, hope you enjoyed.

How do you make your craft space work.

Tara x

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