Wednesday, 28 March 2012

From the mouths of babes sometimes hurts

The other day Master R all of 2 years and 9 months turned at me and said this...

... Mumma I have a little brother too? Like yayay me to Mumma please...
Enter heartbreaking sounds here

Yep that hurt sent me to tears. I put it on Facebook I got an out poor of love. But no one TRULY gets it, because

The conversation didn't stop there, he wanted explanation, he wanted an answer. SO in my best I'm not crying on the inside voice I explained loosely that there weren't any minis on the way soon {as much as we would like}

He doesn't need to know it all he doesn't need to know the struggle we are having conceiving. He doesn't need to know about the baby's we have lost along the way. He doesn't need to know that the whole subject gets me in a funk every time something new comes along. He doesn't need to know about the 16 SIXTEEN tests I had last year. He doesn't need to know that the docs think that he may have been a miracle.

The other day I read a blog post about success. What is success.

As she wrote she wasn't into the whole corporate job shiny car sort of biz and neither am I

All I can ever remember when in school and ppl were talking about careers and uni's I was sitting there thinking thats not for me. What is for me is a big troop of kids, a busy house, a tired Mumma and Dad, a dog or two, school drop offs/pick ups, kinder meetings. Swim meets, sports practice, noise, LOVE.

But alas its just not on the cards for us right now. sigh.

That day I saw this
Cant find the original source, shame cos its fabulous

It got me thinking... I think a change is in order

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