Tuesday, 10 April 2012

PL... the catch up

With everything going on around here life has been cRaZy to say the least. 

I did get a chance to do a bit of catching up of my PL 365 album HOORAY!

sooo with out further adieu.... 

Week 19th-25th March

Left side
I tried a few different things this week. Im glad I tried them but im not to sure I like the way it turned out overall.
The 'L' is our for our last name and its stuck to a filler card form the Cobalt Core Kit.
The Polka Dot ribbon pulls out from the last weeks page {you may be able to see the arrow} and it tells a story of Ronan at the library.
I LOVE the look of the bottom left and the way it captures them playing. Also love the way it came together.

Back side of insert
I got my camera back from repair and these are some of the shots I took with it that day. The 6x4 top right has also been done as a traditional layout for his album. LOVE

Right side
This side is to higgledypiggly for me.
I got a delivery from Polka Dot Creative and Had fun that night making a few scrap pages top left and I added the beautiful note from Jodie, with a not from myself behind that.

This is the top side of the insert.
RJ and I went to the playschool concert with a friend and her son. They LOVED it, it was fun watching them have so much fun.
 I don't know what the story is with blogger and putting my photos in a mixed up order. So while I work that our please excuse the crazy story line of the next weeks lot of photos.

Week 26th March - April 1st
Left side.
Lots of collages
a quote on a photo
A pull out story of me
writing straight onto a photo!

Insert 1 {the second insert is not included here}
Its a insert full of all my instagram photos for the photo a day challenge that I took in March.

Right side
I love the pic of Ronan in the sand and I wanted it bigger but didnt want it as an insert as I already had two so I cut it and  put it in the three pockets.

I used a flip up pocket to show the extra photos of my mums birthday dinner.
 Week 2nd-8th April
Left side.
some QR code fun.
and instagram shot that I loved so I thought that I'd try something diff and play around with sizes. I printed it as a 4x4 and cut it so that it went into 2 3x4 slots and wrote the caption down the side that I wrote on IG.

The Right Side
Its not completed so I will show you what Ive done so far
Top, Having some fun with friends I printed a 3x4 and add it to a Turquoise kit Bi-Fold Journaler.
The middle, Talks about RJ's independence and Inside my wallet
The Bottom. I realised the dogs were not making much of a show in this album . Tessah's {Collie} shots ARE the same dog they are just before and afters {isn't she BEAUTIFUL} And I LOVE Duke's {Dudu} happy face

This is another insert -ish type thing.
I cut a page protector that had already been cut and used the right size pocket to match. I used the washi tape because my sewing machine has decided that she doesn't like sewing plastic {fair enough I say that just means I get to use the beautiful washi} Stuck the Photo on cut the photo down the middle-ish and voila. Love the way it looks

Phew that was a lot. Hope you enjoyed having a squiz

Any question about anything at all please comment below.
{Would love a comment or two}

Thanks muchly x


  1. Very creative! Love the extra flip out pockets. What is the insert you used for the photo a day instagram photos?

    I am still sorting photos to start my PL album. I think I am going to just have to start from most recent, get into the swing of it and then go back and catch up on the previous or I am just going to slip further and further behind.

    On the plus side, I am getting the family into the habit of loading up their ipods, iphones, etc.. to the computer each week so I can get some of their shots to include.

  2. Hiya! Thanks for your lovely comments.
    Love the story the flip pockets can tell.
    The Page protector I used for the Instagram pics is a page protector for coin pockets. I got them off eBay.
    They are 2x2 and are fabulously cute. I cut the bottom row off as I didn't need them and I like things to be nice and neat.
    I am still sorting all of my sons photos for his album my gosh there is a lot and I am trying to form a new system but everytime I get started I feel overwhelmed.
    Its a good habit to get into to upload weekly so you can see where your at. We do it every couple of days.
    Have fun x


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