Monday, 23 April 2012

Weekend Happenings

 Firstly Thanks to those who sent messages of love about my back being out. It will take a while but it is on the mend. Unfortunately this will be a forever thing and its all down to maintenance now. Thanks again

The weekend started out a bit rocky with my back still playing up and Hubby having to work for half of it. But it worked out pretty perfect in the end...
RJ was so happy for Dad to finally be home from work
He's a keeper my boy
 We got a new Pot belly heater so we were burning it in. RJ is never aloud outside after dark {code for he doesn't like the dark} But he loved this special occasion as you can plain see. lol
Still singing
I seriously sat there and admired our deck. I love our deck and thats only half of it. {and between you and me I think its one of the only things keeping us in this house}

Looking for 'snap snaps'
Cleaning Mumma's Car
Exploring the world around him

Loving the boots and boardys look
Love our little family of three. How was your weekend?

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