Thursday, 5 April 2012

my weakest link - organisation

Im not the most organised person, ESPECIALLY when I was working (a paid job) I am the queen of double and triple booking but my best talent is LOOSING things.

Im so good at it I deserve a medal, a big fat GOLD one.

So you can imagine my excitement when my husband came to me last night and said I just found these...

Did you still need them?

I nearly spat out my Milo!

Where were they I hear you ask? Why under the computer desk of course.

 I have been looking for these since like the third of Jan. YEP I said I wasn't good at this stuff. 
It was slowly eating me inside that I had lost them I had all these great intentions of putting them in my PL and it never happened. 
My son drew Santa just before Xmas and we did the 'interview/where hes at' on the 2nd of Jan and have intentions of doing the interview every six months. He is a June Baby so it works well. 

I love the drawings especially the one of himself in the interview.

Ill talk more about how Im trying to get organised later right now Im off to the gym.

Any questions please post below x

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