Monday, 16 April 2012

PL week 9th-15th April

Why hello there.

This weeks PL came about a very different way for me and I think I love it no wait I know I love it!

There a no inserts this week {some kind of miracle right there}

I thought I didnt have enough photos but I was wrong.

What I have been doing lately is working on it thru the week and I was finding that when I was taking photos I was like WOW this is going straight to the pool room I mean Project Life Album.

This week was different. I sat at the computer Sunday morning and uploaded all the photos from my phone and from the camera and went to work. I went thru the days and choose my pics and found I was getting lost within it. {how I don't know} so I grabbed a piece of paper and drew up a sketch of the Page protectors and went from there. 

I loved doing that. I will be doing that again.

So after having them printed I consulted my 'plan' again and went to work and I LOVE THE WAY IT HAS TURNED OUT have I already said that??? lol

So this week...

Left Side.
I am very proud of myself for putting more photos of me in even if they are not very flattering. lol

I got the Disney pic from pinterest but cant find the source.

Added a chipboard piece and inked it yellow and stuck it to the date card to continue on our count down

Cutest family pic we've had in a while

Some of my pic from the camera were vertical and so I cut them down on PSE and stuck them on some sexy paper from my stash

Right side
Love capturing the everyday

Again with the vertical photos

Hubby has really gotten on board and taken more photos of the two of us which is fabulous!

I loved adding things from my stash this week. I have add trouble in the past trying to make it work.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Any Questions please pop them below.
Would love to hear from you
Do you do project life? Would love a link to see your fabulous work x

Tara x


  1. Love your pages Tara. The fridge shot is a good one but my favourite is your son having a cuddle with his Dad.

    Well done, thanks for sharing.

  2. thanks Sharon! yes that is definitely a favourite here to! Love capturing their moments together


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