Sunday, 29 April 2012

Evidence of his existence

I LOVE nothing more then coming across things in my home that my little man has left just laying, things that are a little out of the norm, things that arnt from the normal everyday mess and happenings. I try to capture them on camera usually on my phone. Some of them I share on Instagram {if you arnt on there yet you best be checking that out!} some of them I keep for just us.

This is what I found tonight as I was clearing the table for dinner.

My little man OBVIOUSLY was pinching from my veggies that I had prepped for dinner. 
I LOVE the fact that he put it in a bowl to leave it.
I LOVE the fact that he tried the carrot
I LOVE the fact that there is teeth marks left in the carrot.
I LOVE that he leaves evidence of his existence around my home.

What evidence do your little ones leave?

Tara x

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  1. Oh wow.


    Isn't it beautiful?!

    I love that you get to see how their little minds work. I find things in very random places, & I think, wow, Max must have thought this was its perfect place :)


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