Thursday, 12 April 2012

from stressed to blessed

Lately life in our little world on the corner of town has been stressful to say the least.
Its been affecting me in any ways but one of them is eczema and geez its painful.

This makes it a bit easier tho
LOVE the time they have for each other to share at the end of the day

Putting all that aside tho. 

The last couple of days have really proved how blessed we are to have some amazing ppl around us . When our water heater blew up, Hubby sort of went into a little bit of a meltdown he does this by pacing the bajeesus out of the floorboards and then trying to make his magic on said broken thing in hope of fixing it and when that fails he resides to his computer and then begins searching for a new one, searching for options, getting lost in his little geeky world, lashing out at me and then getting lost in his world again. That's cool, that's how he copes, there was nothing we could do it happened at 6pm Easter Sunday.

We survived Easter Monday much to hubby disbelief of how well I was coping. 
I was surprised by that. 
Its only hot water. 
I have a stove. 
I boiled cold water on the stove. 
I made hot water. 
I'm a magician.

All this unawares to our little one. We dont like to let 'stressful things' out into the family air. Somethings we cant help, others we try to discuss when he is not around.
He actually thought it a bit of a novelty that Mumma told him to stand at the end of the hallway while she carried the over sized, extremely heavy, and just as hot pot of water from the stove to the bath room to have a wash. 
I'm here for his entertainment.

Husband made a phone call to a tradie friend. 
That phone call went from why didn't you ring me earlier, to ill be there soon to have a look.
He came and had a look. 
It was stuffed
He got us a good deal on a new water heater. 
He organised a plumber.
The plumber was here 0730 yesterday and it was in and working by 1pm.
I enjoyed the almighty out of a hot shower.
I sent hubby a text
was it good, was all I got back, man of many words my Husby
and I replied You know how we go on hols or someones else's house and we are like wow their shower is amazeballs. WELL THAT'S OUR SHOWER NOW!!!

We are truly blessed to have ppl who will help us in a random time of need.
It wasn't an issue. It was just done. 
We now have hot water.
Hubby has stopped pacing.
Thank you friend.

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