Sunday, 8 April 2012

Perfectly the wrong timing as always

The tears are wet and hot as they run down my face.

Tears for many reasons really.

>The baby subject {AGAIN} it hurts every time


>Photos, not one photo of me has been taken this whole weekend. Unless its a selfie that I took with my son. It has been the same for the every day of significance for as long as I can remember, Christmas, birthdays, Easter sigh. This subject isn't as big of a deal for some, some ppl dont get it. 
BUT for this rockin body, as the memory keeper and photo taker of the family and basically photos are kind of my thing. I have a lot of them just over 27000 at last back up in the middle march and that's not including all the professional ones that have been taken and the couple of thousand I have taken since last back up. Like I said, its kind of my thing.

>Friends - I have issues in this department. Some of them have not been... I have issues in this department.

>Family... have been family you know how that subject goes, its good, its bad, its ugly.

AAAAND the water heater broke today.
As in Caput, Dead, No Workies, On indefinite strike, Stuffed. The freaking bugger of a thing.

It is perfectly the wrong time. As always.

Do these things happen to test us?

I'm sick of being tested now DO YOU HEAR ME WORLD?

Whats tested you lately?
What cheers you up when your feeling a bit low?

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  1. I got my first proper photos with Max when he was 14 months old, because I said, ENOUGH.

    It wasn't fair that I take all the nice ones with Dave & Max, & I didn't even have a spot in our family album.

    Dave STILL never takes photos. And it breaks my flipping heart.

    It actually just isn't fair! x


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