Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The greater good

So normally I wouldn't want an energy drink, I don't drink them I don't like them. Usually its the fear that I'd run faster home then driving if I had one. They send me a bit loopy PLUS I don't like the taste.

But when I received a text from one of our friends to get my husband and he a energy drink while I was down the street I fought with everything I had to not buy one for myself. SERIOUSLY! I stood there and weighed the options and thought

 'what about me' 

You can all sing with your best Shannon Noll voice now...

This is ALL because I couldn't/shouldn't have one. Any other day I wouldn't have thought twice, about not having one but because I have set myself a tall order of loosing a fair amount of weight in a short amount of time and I feel the eyes of everyone around me are waiting for me to fail. The urges to have things that I wouldn't normally have are enormous and they are the worst part of the battle.

I just keep telling myself its for the greater good... 


You can do this Tarz

Have you gone thru anything similar?
How do you handle the situation?


  1. Good on you tarz, i would have caved in a second! - you're a strong woman, AND don't ever think different!....I knew it from Day 1.....

    1. naw thanks chicks you are so sweet. Its tough but im taking each moment at a time and hopefully there is success at the end x


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