Monday, 9 April 2012

it comes in threes right?

okay so, normally I take blows fairly well. 
I walked off a broken nose when I was punched at school. 
{dont ask} 


how much more of this 'testing' does the world feel like dishing out.
the second thing just broke, that's right... two in twelve hours. JOY.

Husby has gone to hide in his shed. 
In the cold. 
Hope he took a jacket.

It's not so major to some but to me its important. 
The monitor just broke, that's right the monitor.

Yes we still use it.
Its a necessity.
The way our house is set up and were our bedrooms are compared to the living areas are, its a necessity.
Our monitor literally saved my sons life.
It gave me piece of mind, when my mind was heading for pieces.
It has been on every holiday we have been on including the camping ones in the bush.
{all because it literally saved his life.}
Its an Angel Care Baby Monitor with the sensor pad. Its fab. Its been on everyday of my sons life and I think we have just worn it out. 
I'd been warned off this happening. Most of our friends have said you'll get two to three year out of it, us- 2.10years.

But as always in the house of three. 

You know what world! Test away. I'm ready!!! Number 3??? Bring it on!!!!

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